Personal Narrative: Elizabeth NJ

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The “hood” is often what downtown, Elizabeth NJ is labeled as. Children like me are doubted as many people seem to believe we will just become another statistic. My background has motivated to strive for success, proving those with agnosticism wrong. Seeing bodies strung out on the corner or laying on the sidewalk is a part of my everyday life. I’m not ashamed of where I come from as it has made me who I am today. Every day I wake up with a goal set in mind to become a success but not just for myself but my community. Sure we are not the ideal neighborhood seen in movies but together we are family that can achieve greatness. “Don’t let your circumstances define you.” my grandmother told me growing up. At the time, I was not able to see how my background necessarily affected me. However, as I transitioned from a child to a young adult my eyes began to open. Living everyday life and being stereotyped because of the color of my skin and the place I reside. I became ashamed of who I was and began to alienate myself from those around me. I was afraid I would become that black girl who dropped out of high school or got pregnant at a young age. After all, that is what people expected me to do right? Wrong! I worked extremely hard in everything I participated in. My mom was barely around due to her working long hours …show more content…

I hope to bring diversity to all who walk on the campus. My background has shaped me into the intelligent African American woman I am today. Without growing up in the “hood”, I may have not been able to find the best career that interested me. I also would not have been able over all the challenges thrown at me. Instead I remained determined and motivated so that I was able to achieve all of the goals set before me. I want my story to aspire everyone living in poverty that is being looked down upon. We are all different, and no matter where we come we are able we are able to make a difference within the

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