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Donna Dohn: A Remarkable Person There are many different people in the world, but only a few are remarkable. One remarkable person I know is my aunt, Donna Dohn. She grew up in Louisville, Kentucky with her five siblings. My aunt is remarkable because she is the head of the extended family, takes care of a farm and a lake house, and has always been ready to help my family. The first remarkable element of my aunt is the fact that she keeps the entire extended family together. Since my grandmother’s death when I was a baby, my aunt has hosted all of the family gatherings and reunions. Every single Christmas, she invites the entire extended family to Christmas at her house. No matter how far the distance, everybody gathers during Christmas to…show more content…
Because her husband is a farmer, my aunt lives on a small farm that grows mint and other greens. While my uncle mainly works in the fields, she runs the greenhouses. Even more incredible is the fact that she also manages a job as an accountant. April is especially difficult for her because of tax season and the plants in the greenhouses. On top of all this, my aunt and her husband own a lake house that they maintain all year. Finally, the last trait that makes my aunt a remarkable person is that she is always ready to help my family. When my two younger siblings were born, my aunt drove to my house to stay with my older sister and I. Another example of her willing to help my family was when I was too young to stay at home alone. My aunt would babysit my sister and I when we were too young to stay at home alone. My aunt has always been ready to help my family. Extraordinary people such as my aunt serve as an inspiration to me. Her steadfast role as head of the family and all of her support for my family encourage me to help others as much as possible. My aunt’s persistence is demonstrated through her hard work in everything she does. Finding inspiration and motivation in my aunt is an easy
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