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Theresa Williams is my great grandmother the mother of my grandma Terri Williams and her two other sisters and brothers. Grandma Theresa was born in 1936 on July Thirty-first in Cleveland,Ohio. She spent most of her childhood in the Kinsman and Harvard area. Her parents are Elazora and John McMillan and Theresa had a total of eight siblings plus her makes nine children. Theresa is the fourth oldest of her siblings and the third of the girls.
Theresa attended Kinsman elementary when she was a younger child. By the age of nine Theresa transferred to Wilson while living on Miles St. East 136th. She explained growing up with nine siblings joyed her heart because she learned plenty even though being the fourth child. Theresa’s big brother John played basketball every day with each other. Theresa’s sister Louella attended the same school until high school. Beetsy and Rosanne were four years older than my grandma and Aunt …show more content…

Kennedy with Louella. Grandma Theresa admitted she was a brain wizard in school excelling with awards. She was awarded an National School Association certificate because of her GPA and extracurricular activities. Theresa played basketball for J.F. Kenney Freshman and Junior because she focus more on her books Sophomore year. While she focus on school, her brother Michael and John were in the Army. She explained the tragic times in the ‘Fifties dealing with the Vietnam War. Michael was drafted in his senior year when Theresa was a Freshman.
After Theresa graduated from high school she soon became a hair beautician. By age twenty-one she married Hurtis Williams, later they had five children together. Keely, Terri (Grandma), Laura, Jay, and Jeff are all siblings and children of Theresa Williams. As Theresa aged into her Thirties she began to accept salvation. From age thirty to forty-five she taught Theological studies of the Word of God. She acknowledges the testimony God gave her was a mental

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