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Psychological Profile Tommy Lynn Sells was born on June 28, 1964. Born with a twin sister named Tammy and when they were both eighteen months old they contracted spinal meningitis. His sister Tammy did not survive it and Tommy did. His mother was a single mom and worked to survive for the children she had. Charles Montaldo wrote that Tommy moved back and forth between an aunt and his mother because he became too much to handle. Feeling like he was abandoned by his mom and he began drinking at the age of 7 years old. Sells met a man who took him in and showed a lot of care from him. The care turned into a whole lot more affection that Tommy really wanted. At the age of 8, that man was molesting Sells and was eventually arrested because he molested other children. Tommy dropped out of school and continued to drink and shoot up drugs. Tommy kept being in trouble and his mom could not take it anymore, so she moved away with the rest of his siblings when he was …show more content…

When you are doing an interview with him, Tommy always redirects the interview into what he wants to talk about. The conversation needs to be on his terms. Dr. Adrian Raine mentions Tommy Lynn Sells falls under the category of a psychopath in the video of ABC Nightline. Psychopaths have no remorse, or guilt, nor a conscious from right or wrong as Dr. Raine explained. Psychopaths love to be in control of all situations and with the interview Martin, Tommy would get upset and turn the interview where he was the one in control. He usually met his victims in all types of settings. Harris family was at a church in a small town of Del Rio, Texas. Sells was very handy and willing to help whoever needed it. He was very good at pretending to lend a hand to neighbors and people from church. Tommy married a lady in Del Rio and usually vented to Terry Harris. They developed a friendship. If you had a conversation with Tommy, you would not be able to see him doing such a

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