Tommy Douglas: Father Of Medicare In Canada

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“Saskatchewan’s favourite politician, ‘father of the Medicare’ Tommy Douglas, is among 11 Canadians who were recently inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame”(Wharry,1998,p.211). Tommy Douglas, who was known for his creation of Medicare, devoted himself into creating a promising future for Canada. There is no doubt that he is the greatest Canadian. Michael Shevell stated in his article(2012) that Tommy Douglas was born in Scotland in 1904. Later, He and his family emigrated to Winnipeg in 1911. He also mentioned that at the age of 10, Tommy Douglas struggled with osteomyelitis that leaded to multiple hospitalizations. His family could not afford the expensive surgery cost when he faced with the amputation of a leg. Luckily, a kind and …show more content…

It is a system which all Canadians are proud of. “Medicare’s basic principles embody how Canadians wish to both see themselves and distinguish their nation from a powerful, and at times overwhelming, continental neighbor ”(Shevell,2012,p.35). They did it. Nowadays, in the United States, there are only 48 million American who are able to enjoy medical treatment(Celeste& Roxanne, 2013). Furthermore, Medicare also brought benefits not only to local people but also immigrants. It protected their rights and encouraged them to better adapt their new life in Canada. Immigrants do not feel discrimination in this country since they are able to enjoy the equal medical service treatment as the local. To sum up, Medicare did exert positive and profound influence on …show more content…

The results came from 1.2 million Canadians’ votes. Not surprisingly, Tommy Douglas ranked first in the campaign. This event can perfectly show that how important is Tommy Douglas in Canadians’ hearts. The greatest leader in Canadians’ minds, is not a war hero or the leader who governs the world. Instead, what they admired is an outstanding humanitarian. In conclusion, Tommy Douglas is a greatest Canadian because he devoted himself into creating a promising future for Canada. He spared no efforts to improve the living standard for people. During Douglas’s life, he fought for his citizens’ welfare as well as pushed forward some effective social reform which impacted greatly. It is obvious that many policies nowadays can be found a source form Douglas. In addition to introducing Medicare, he also had many contributions which have positive and profound influence on Canada. There is no denying that he is the greatest

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