John Diefenbaker As An Effective Leader

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Countries and states all over the world have diverse groups of leaders who serve in different parties. The leaders make different political decisions that governs the citizens of the given country or state. Canada has been governed by various leaders among them being John Diefenbaker, who served in the position of prime minister. This essay will provide various information of John Diefenbaker in relation to biography, analysis of the political career and personal evaluation in relation to John Diefenbaker’s leadership.
John George Diefenbaker was born on September18, 1895, in Ontario at a place called Neustadt and was a child to William. In 1903, his family was able to move to the West and his name was able to identify him as an outsider.
John Diefenbaker received a Bachelor of Arts in the year 1915 and in the year 1916, he was able to attain a Masters of Arts in Political Science and Economics. In addition, in …show more content…

Diefenbaker was able to combine the politics, which were related to conservancy, and the other issues concerned with social justice. He was an effective leader because he appreciated the presence of other ethic backgrounds besides being neither French nor an English. Moreover, John Diefenbaker maintained the human rights on the international basis a factor that ensured rights of diverse groups of people irrespective of their nationality were not violated. On the other hand, he was able to cater for people’s rights, safety, and freedom regardless of the power that they had. Therefore, the prime minister was interested with all people and was ready to protect and serve them on equal basis. The action of helping the third world countries is a positive attribute of John Diefenbaker, as he is able to cater for the people’s interest in a dedicative way. In addition, Diefenbaker supported the farmers of Canada who are the major supporting elements of the

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