How Did Pierre Trudeau Affect Canada

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Reign of Trudeau Canada has 23 different Prime Minsters that was in charge of Canada since 1871, but all of these men did not have a positive effect on Canada, while they were in office. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the 15th Prime Minster of Canada was an exception. For 15 years of being Prime Minster, Trudeau was a great Prime Minster because he united a country which was historically divided and ushered it in a unique bilingually identity. During his time in the office, Trudeau made great advancements in social, political and cultural spheres of Canada. Throughout Canadian history, Canada had always been socially divided. Between the English speaking majority and the French speaking majority. One of Trudeau’s main objective was to erase this separation between these two parties. Firstly, in order to ease tension between the French speaking majority, Trudeau placed a “Official Language Act” in 1969 . This was the first act that English and French the …show more content…

He defeated the idea of Quebec separatism and implemented French as an official language. To begin with Pierre Trudeau, implemented French as the official language so that it will ease tensions between the English and French speaking majority. This proofs that Pierre Trudeau is trying to solve the big cultural problem that’s been going on since a long time in Canada. Trudeau is trying to satisfy the both parties. So that no one will get angry. To add on, to ease tension between the long, bitter tension between the French and English speaking majority. Trudeau encourage French speaking people, to involve themselves in the federal government. So that they can bring equality to the French culture in Canada. This statement proves that Trudeau is not only concern about the English speaking community or the French speaking community. He is trying to accommodate both community’s

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