How Did Ww1 Affect Canada

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When war erupted in 1914, it caused a patriotic fervor in English Canada. Volunteers clustered to recruiting stations and everyone got into the war effort at home, determined to contribute to the British Empire 's battle in Europe. In stark contrast, French Canada felt removed from Britain 's dilemma. They felt little attachment to the Imperial ‘mother country’ and viewed the Canadian army as an almost entirely English Canadian institution. French-English tensions were already running high; French Canadians were still very enraged that Ontario had banned French as a language of instruction in its schools in 1913. Of the 400,000 Canadians who volunteered for service in the Great War, less than 1 in 20 were French. Of English Canadian volunteers, 70% were recent immigrants from Britain. …show more content…

"Dear Sir Robert, Do you not think, in light of our population, that we have largely done our share? The people are agitated. ... In the province of Quebec; we can expect deplorable revolts. Will this not end in bloodshed?" P.M. Borden ignored the warning. The Military Service Act was passed in the House of Commons on July 24, 1917, thanks to the support of nearly all English-speaking Members of Parliament, and in spite of the opposition of nearly all French-speaking MPs. On August 28, conscription became law and was followed by two days of violence in Montreal. Store windows were smashed and tramway rails ripped up. In all, four unarmed civilians were killed and dozens injured. English and French Canada hadn 't been so divided since Louis Riel was hanged in 1885. When the war ends, the fallout of the conscription issue would continue long after. For many years the Conservative Party, which had brought in conscription, will find it hard to get votes in Quebec. The memories will fuel the flames of growing French nationalist passions and created a permanent wedge in Canada 's linguistic

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