The Effect Of Money On Quebec's Economy

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Money is the number one controlling factor of the world so, an economy is really important and in Quebec was doing poorly. Even before the FLQ and referendum, Quebec has been suffering;“In their own province, French Canadians as a group occupied the lowest rungs of the economic ladder. Their average incomes were lower, and unemployment remained a serious problem, with a much higher rate than that of the Anglo-Canadians, who controlled approximately 80% of Quebec industry. There were very few French-speaking people heading large corporations... All offices functioned in English. Citizens had to speak English in order to be served in many of the stores. The federal government conducted all its meetings and functions in English only.” (Cohen-Almagor, 2014) The finding shows that Québécois had the lowest income, which means the Quebec economy was low because not a lot of people could be spending. Also, French and English tensions were rising due to the income difference and their treated, this also had impacted their identity. This harmed Quebec reputation of being a French speaking province since, it had been heavily controlled by English speakers that had produced the service and goods.
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