Maurice Duplessis And Its Effect On The Quebec Community

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Quebec was dictated by the premier Maurice Duplessis, from nineteen thirty six to nineteen thirty nine and nineteen forty four to nineteen fifty nine. He was the leader of the Union Nationale party. By separatist thinkers he was called La Grande Noirceur (The Great Darkness). In his first term Duplessis did not do well at all, there was little significant legislation. In his second term, he pushed for the authority over the church, and wrestle part of the existing jurisdiction over direct taxes back from the federal government after world war two. Duplessis became also known for dealing harshly with striking unions, especially at Noranda, Asbestos, Louisville and Murdochville. He used the clergy to run the hospitals and schools for bargain wages. This went on for fifteen years until he passed away in nineteen fifty nine. …show more content…

Lesage promised to improve the economic and social standards for the people of Quebec, and to win greater respect for the French people of Canada. The government took over hospitals, hospital insurance, pension schemes, medi-care and schools, in the place of the clergy. in schools, so that the students would be more educated. The students grew to be the ones to help lead Quebec to economic and cultural renewal. Due to schooling costs the Quebec people started to have less children so that there one child could have a better education. The government of Quebec made a bill and the federal government agreed. The bill was a rule that made all children in school to learn French. This helped keep the French language alive. They changed the voting age from twenty one to

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