Arguments In Support Of Participation During World War I

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Body: 1st argument in support of position, examples and/or evidence Canadian citizens eagerly volunteered to participate in World War 1. 33,000 men volunteered for the military near Quebec and the Canadian Patriotic Fund launched a fund to support soldier’s families. Despite the soldiers being inexperienced and insufficient for the dangerous Western Front of World War 1. 2nd argument in support of position, examples and/or evidence Despite the poison gas and the disintegration of the allied Franco-Berber troops, the Canadians managed to launch a counterattack on the advancing German troops during the Second Battle of Ypres. The Canadians and Germans fought to the death until the Battle of Frezenburg and Bellewaardre, where the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry successfully thwarted the final German advance in Ypres. If the Canadian Divisionary had failed to defend Ypres, then the Germans would have taken Belgium and, therefore, won the First World War. Therefore, the Second Battle of Ypres signaled the rise of Canadian Nationalism. …show more content…

British General Sir Julian Byng took thousands of German prisoners and created an aggressive Canadian Elite Force from the fractured Canadian Divisions. The Germans no longer had control over the French fields of the Douai Plain, as the Canadians took them. Therefore, the Battle of Vimy Ridge is the battle where all four of the divisions of the Canadian Army fought together and is a symbol of Canadian achievement and sacrifice. The Battle of Vimy Ridge became the battle of the coming of age for

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