Dieppe Raid Mistakes

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The Dieppe Raid was a failure! The raid was a failure because even though it taught troops many lessons to help them with future raids and battles, it failed and many soldiers lost their lives for nothing but defeat. The Dieppe Raid involved troops making mistakes that could have been prevented, although Canada learned from her mistakes and the learning helped with future battles, Canada didn’t win the raid nor did Canada complete their mission. Canada made many mistakes before and during the Dieppe Raid. Most if not all of Canada’s mistakes could have been prevented. 907 Canadian troops were killed during the Dieppe Raid. This was unnecessary because if Canada had not been so eager to give troops a …show more content…

Canada’s losing of the Dieppe Raid taught the country many things. Without learning what they did by losing the Dieppe Raid, Canada wouldn’t have won other major battles and raids like Operation Overlord. Canada had to learn many things like how to communicate better, when and how to use aircrafts for bombings, and that planning in advance for all possible scenarios they could come across. Without Canada not communicating or prioritising organization, future operations wouldn’t have put emphasis on it and there would still be attacks that were not planned or organized between troops. Organization about timing and different attacks played a huge role in Operation Overlord because they were able to invade and time their bombings. Unlike the Dieppe Raid, Operation Overlord involved lots and lots of bombings. They were not scarce with their bombing raids and that allowed them to gain a front on land. If Canada hadn’t been scarce before with their bombings, they wouldn’t have learned just how important the bombings were in a successful raid. For communication and bombings to happen efficiently, Canada really needed to plan everything! Planning was so important in future battles and raids! Without planning what aircrafts you were going to use or how many troops you were going to send, a country would be stuck with last minute decisions that could be the tipping point of a won or lost battle. Canada learned from the Dieppe Raid that they needed to train their soldiers more and plan the timing, position, and numbers of all their attacks. Canada had sent hardly any troops to Dieppe compared to future battles and they suffered. The soldiers that were killed were a great percentage of the total number of soldiers and this caused Canada to learn that there truly is power in numbers. Canada learned to plan all bombings and raids. Timing was everything. Without the right timing, troops can get confused and mistakes

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