How Did Robert Borden Change Canada

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Robert Borden was Prime Minister during the first World War. He was born on the 26th of June, 1854, in Grand-Pré Nova Scotia. Robert Borden was a Canadian lawyer and politician before he served as the eighth Prime Minister of Canada. He was elected twice on October 10th, 1911, and again in 1917. He retired on July 10, 1920, and was the third Nova Scotian to hold this office. Borden died in Ottawa due to congestive heart failure on June 10th, 1937. Without Borden’s crucial efforts during World War I, Canada would have never been an independent power.
After successfully becoming Prime Minister, Borden promised not to use conscription. However, after a period of time, there were fewer Canadian recruits, and he decided conscription would be necessary …show more content…

This act established by Borden’s government was vastly beneficial for Canada due to it being used then, and later (The Canadian Encyclopedia). The War Measures Act was a federal law embraced by the Parliament that gave powers to Canada’s government to keep security, defense, and order during the First World War. The War Measures Act was necessary and important as it did a great job by keeping Canada safe during the hard times and made it stronger as a nation. (The Canadian Encyclopedia) Therefore, it increased Canada’s independence and managed to remove it from being under Britain's control overtime as they were able to make their own decisions within their own grounds. Overall, The War Measures Act was an advantageous law for Canada as it gave them authority which lead to their independence as their own …show more content…

As a leader during World War I, he helped Canada overcome military difficulties by bringing back conscription when necessary. He also introduced The War Measures Act which gave Canada much power during the war, as they had more defense and security and were able to make orders. Borden was also successful in earning Canada a seat in the League of Nations which removes the idea of Canada being a “colony”. One notable thing that Borden also did was giving women the right to vote. Although it started off as mothers and wives of veterans, it succeeded overtime and all women were granted that right. Borden’s will to fight for Canada’s sovereignty during World War I helped shape Canada as one powerful Nation. Every decision that Borden made, assisted Canada through greater independence and becoming the strong country it is

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