William Lyon Mackenzie King's Impact On Canada

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William Lyon Mackenzie King, a man of glory, forever changed Canada’s constitution during the tumultuous nineteenth century and resolved all difficulties Canada faced on its way to becoming a strong, independent, and autonomous nation. His contributions and sanctions targeted all factors at the time and had interrelated effects on the construction of Canada. Unlike other Canadian politicians, King handled every crisis with thorough planning and achieved promising outcomes from unsolvable problems. It is without a doubt that King was the most influential figure in Canada’s development. His role in the autonomy, economic development, and social stability stands as solid evidence of the pioneering impacts he had on Canada’s advancement. …show more content…

First, despite his “Five Cents Speech” during the great depression, King did have a clear understanding of the necessary steps to lead Canada out of depression. He believed that offering financial aid to the unemployed would only delay this crisis after which a greater downfall would follow. Using the money to generate job posts seemed to be the most practical solution, however, he never had the chance to implement his idea. Second, after his re-election followed by economic recovery, King promptly developed trade relations with the United States and pushed Canada to become America’s largest supplier of primary goods, such as lumber and wheat. In only a few years, he put an end to Canada’s poverty and instability and drastically increased the employment rate. Last, King considered from the viewpoints of all Canadian business owners as well as consumers and changed the tariff rate to satisfy both populations. After the tariff rate was brought down, Canadian suppliers were able to gain higher revenue while consumers could purchase more goods with the same amount of money. This stimulated the Canadian economy further as transaction became more active. Slowly, the Canadian economy recovered and became more composed under King’s conduct. In conclusion, it was after Mackenzie King took charge of Canada, …show more content…

Firstly, he worked to maintain a unity and peace within the nation. Before becoming the Prime Minister, King resolved labor strikes peacefully and introduced the Industrial Investigation Act during the time he was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Labor. This act allowed a closer inspection of workers’ conditions and aimed to prevent exploitation of workers in the future. Seeing their income secured, Canadian workers had more motivation to work and the community carried on its interactions peacefully. Secondly, in the later stage of Canada’s development, King’s adoption of various programs sought to give Canadians more social security. Around the 1940s, he proposed the “Unemployment Insurance” and founded the reconstruction program to give more credits to the general population and solved their doubt of the occurrence of another depression. Families could receive an allowance to ease their burdens, and they would have a source of money to help them through future unemployment. King's policies gave the Canadian citizens a sense of security, and there was no more fear for the return of economic depression. Lastly, William Lyon Mackenzie King gave dual assurance to the French and English-speaking Canadians by promising them different policies on conscription in the proximate WWII and avoided the

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