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Lester B. Pearson was a true Canadian leader through his leadership as Prime Minster and also through serving Canada during war time. Pearson was the Prime Minster of Canada beginning in April 2nd. 1963, and resigned in 1968. Throughout his role of Prime Minster, Pearson was first hand involved with establishing a sense of Canadian nationalism and internationalism that made Canada stronger and helped distinguish Canada separately from other countries. *add something about speech* Lester Pearson was the son of Sarah and Edwin Pearson, Pearson’s father was a Methodist minister. The Pearson’s resided in Aurora Ontario. Lester attended the University of Toronto after graduating public school. As World War One began, Pearson enlisted with the…show more content…
During his time as Prime Minster, he accomplished multiple “things” for the country. Some examples are the Canadian pension plan, universal health care system, unified arm force, maple leaf flag. Most importantly however was the influence Pearson had on Canada’s nationalism, such ways as bring the two opposed people of Canada, known as Anglophones and Francophones together, and having a common ground. When Quebec revealed that it did not want to be ran by an English government, Pearson knew this problem could be solved by cooperation. During his first year and a half, Pearson had more meetings than Diefenbaker had in his six year…show more content…
Although this was not established while Pearson was Prime Minster, he was the head the of the department. Pearson was directly involved with negotiating the treaty on nonmilitary cooperation. NATO was a treaty between twelve countries that had a mutual military response to external threats. This is one explain of how Pearson believed in Canada, and brought its people together building on Canada

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