Winston Churchill's Ethical Leadership

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Winston Churchill “There is only one duty, try to be right and do not fear to say or do what is right”. This is a quote from Winston Churchill according to Frasier. What powerful words they are. Not only do these words show that Churchill was brave as a visionary leader, but this also shows that he was just as ethical as a leader, and I will show that his actions, decisions and behaviors during his time were just as equally important to his leadership capabilities. Visionary Leader Early on in WWII, Great Britain and Winston Churchill were left with a very hard decision. Germany had recently taken over Poland and was dominating Europe. At this point France was lost and it was evident that the British could no longer afford to stay in France. …show more content…

Toner’s three O’s, owing, ordering, and oughting. According to the Barnes Center lesson on Ethical Leadership a leader who possesses this strength shows that they owe others respect and dignity, they understand that they are ordered to do what is right no matter what, they are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, and understand that they ought to do what is needed to help others no matter how hard that may be. Churchill knew this and it was never more evident than when gave a speech in 1946 from the U.S denouncing the Soviet’s propaganda of spreading communism. According to, Winston Churchill accused the Soviet Union of being the biggest threat to Christian civilization and for trying to spread communism throughout the world. This was the first time that another leader called out the Soviet Union for being a threat to the European values and it was labeled “The Iron Curtain Speech”. Churchill understood that even though the war was over the west could not just let the Soviet Union attempt to destroy the European way of life and that he could not sit by and let them just try to put a stronghold on Europe by spreading communism. He refused to let this happen even if he was worn out from WWII, he couldn’t be complacent and he fought back and never let up and pushed his allied nations to help protect the ones who needed it the …show more content…

I personally think that we all have a bit of Churchill’s leadership style in us. I can say although on a much smaller scale I feel that I would like to think I have some qualities of Churchill. For instance, I do think that one of my strong points as a leader is being, a transformational leader through inspirational motivation. I have had many opportunities to be an inspirational motivator as a First Sergeant. For example there was a situation where our First Sergeant Council was facing stagnant growth in our base community in regards to give back to our Airmen and we needed a change. I briefed the whole council and argued that we needed to be innovative and not be scare to make a change. I argued to make the council split into having warm heart council separate from the executive council, this would give us an opportunity to create a chance to reach out to more Airmen but we needed to take the risk. It was hard to sell to my peers and others who outranked me but I fired up the council and we made the change. The warm heart council is currently separate and has its own tax ID and is now a part of CFC and has increased its donation power by doing so. I also feel that I can adapt well when it comes to change management, but nothing like Churchill had to do during WWII. His willingness to adapt so much and to completely give up his position in France to win the war was bold to say the least. I love

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