A Rhetorical Analysis of Winston Churchill's Speech

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In his speech, Winston Churchill tried to inspire his fellow British citizens to go to war against Germany. He was a member of the parliament in England and later he became the Prime Minister of that state. He lived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, who presented him many awards. He went through World War II. Churchill then realized that Adolf Hitler and his Nazi were coming to England to invade the state.
Blood, Sweat and Tears” exploited numerous rhetorical strategies consisting of pathos and ethos in order to achieve the purpose of convincing the citizens to trusts in him and combat the inhumane Nazi Army. The analysis of the various features of the speech is as below:
Winston Churchill uses some words in his speech that is mostly not used among speeches to an audience. For example, Churchill’s use of the words “Mr. Speaker and Sir”. The purpose of using such words is to establish an appeal of trust and a sense of regard for the House of Commons. Winston Churchill also uses such respectful words for his audience to show his respect and humility as a leader. His choice of words illustrates that he has to gain trust and approval from the House. Thus, his choice of words depict a sense of respect and regard.
Churchill also uses strong use of diction in his speech. The use of a strong diction is to emphasize his point and make him seem bold and reliable. An example of the use of strong diction is through the use of superlatives in the speech,

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