Walk To Beautiful By Jimmy Wayne

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In the Story of Jimmy Wayne’s “Walk to Beautiful”, Jimmy Wayne was a homeless kid who bounced in and out of every foster care system. Jimmy Wayne only 13, but very smart and intelligent at his age, he was tired of the abandonment of his own mother. Jimmy was hurt the most when his mother abandons him at a bus station, driving off into the night with her lover. Jimmy Wayne hurt and confused didn’t let it stop him from succeeding in life. An elderly couple Russell and Bea Costner, who owned a wood shop, took Jimmy Wayne under their wing and provided the opportunities for him to thrive. Meanwhile, in the story of Michael Oher from “The Blind Side”, Michael Oher never had a mother who truly cared about him. His mother was a drug addict who didn’t take care of her children, yet his father he never knew about. Michael Oher known as “BIG MIKE”, was a homeless teenager same as Jimmy Wayne from “Walk to Beautiful”. …show more content…

Jimmy Wayne never stayed at a foster home long enough, because he always tended to run away. He once was sent off to a farm known as Faith Farm, while at Faith Farm Jimmy ended up mutilating his self. I know I wondered the same thing “Why would he mutilate himself and what does the words mean?”. The struggle of jumping from foster care to foster care made Jimmy Wayne weak, yet at the same time stronger. However, Michael Oher was in and out of foster care with several families from Tennessee to Memphis. Every time he was placed with a family, he would find a way to run away. Michael couldn’t go home, because his mother was an addict so bad she didn’t have money to pay for the rent which got them evicted. Michael later is enrolled into the Wingate Christian School, a Private school, where he is asked to play football and basketball. Michael still homeless, finds shelter in the school gym every night just to stay warm all while being a homeless

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