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I can enrich the diversity of Milligan 's campus community because I am already so diverse from the norm at Milligan College. To start off, I as a person am a complete combo of uniqueness and spunk. I can bring something different to Milligan because of my peculiar way of thinking and decision making. I set myself apart from those my age because I matured at a young age due to certain situations that I had to face as a child that most people never have to face in their entire lives. However, I could not be more thankful; God had a plan for me and because of the adversities that I experienced, I am a more determined and goal oriented individual. What can really shape someone as a human being in this world is where they come from. My character, …show more content…

Christmas is my favorite holiday because every year ever since I could remember, our family gets together to make Tamales, one of the traditional foods in Hispanic culture. This get together is known as Tamalada Day, and we cook pork, beef, beans and make masa which is spread onto ojas which eventually are steamed and formed into the delicious food we eat on Christmas Eve. I still remember how when I was younger, family functions were dear to me because it meant getting to spend time with my elders. My grandparents were always quick to correct, discipline, or teach me when I would speak incorrectly, treat someone else rudely, or act uneducated. My great grandmother, who recently died at the age of one hundred and two, taught me wise little sayings and really showed me how to open my heart to the world and show appreciation for everything that life has brought to me. Where I come from has had a profound effect on the type of individual I am today. With the difficulties I experienced with my fathers, the strength of my family, and my faith in God, I have learned that the structure of my foundation is not perfect, but it is sturdy. I know who I am: traditional, moral and

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