College Student Stereotypes Essay

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College students are generally categorized with a large amount of stereotypes and misconceptions. College students are often being misunderstood on who they actually are and what they do. Today, it is difficult for people to express themselves in the real world due to stereotypes and misconceptions. People make comments about a group of other people, but they do not realize that those comments most of the time are considered stereotypes and misconceptions. Some people do not know what a stereotype or misconception is. A stereotype is what others believe about a group, but sometimes it is true and most of the time it is exaggerated. A misconception happens when there is a stereotype, it is an incorrect assumption and based as truths. College students fall under many stereotypes and misconceptions in which they need to be better understood, they are simply people who are going to school to get their degree and pursue their career.
College students go to school so they can pursue their careers in the future. This group of people are needed because without them, who is going to be the doctor, lawyer, journalist, or mechanic in …show more content…

For example, jocks, nerds, prodigies and many more. Lindsay Goobersoly wrote an article on different types of stereotypes on college students. One of Goobersoly’s stereotypes is about a guy categorized as a nerd and says, “He walks into class wearing glasses, a button up, and some nice blue jeans that momma picked out for him.” This is an exaggerated stereotype because there’s no way a college student is being made fun of because of the way he dressed. College students do not go to school to make fun of others in the way other people dress, that is lamentable. These individuals go to school to learn, there is no time to judge other students. College is a place to further education and to start a dream

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