National Honor Career Research Paper

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I have always wanted to be a surgeon since I was a kid. Doctors were treated like gods in my home country, Ethiopia. I was a shy little boy who dreamt big in my neighborhood and people would make fun of my goal due to the fact that there were no doctors in our neighborhood. They believed that I was not smart and strong enough to be a doctor. Besides my mother and aunt, nobody knew what I was capable of. I could calculate two numbers in a second like the speed of light, I knew everything about the human body system and I could run. I always believed that if I was going to be a doctor I have to exercise and be healthy in order for people to listen and follow my path. During my freshman year I joined the track team in my high school. I was very passionate about running track and influencing people to follow my path. I wanted to lead and be heard by people as a legend because this could help show my leadership to every human being that I am familiar to. Showing my leadership in track can help me become a great …show more content…

The National Honor Society helped me gain communication and confidence skills. It was where the top 20 percent of students gather together to volunteer and build leadership for their current clubs and future dreams. I enjoyed doing community services with this fantastic group because they have helped me become a better leader towards anything I wanted to be. While I was building my leadership I was also building my self-esteem. I was being more confident in meeting new people and giving out a speech in front of a huge crowd. I wouldn’t ask for anything more than this in what the school clubs has given me, they have given me many information’s such as: how to be confident, how to be a leader and how to become successful. All of these things I learned connect to my dream goal because to be a doctor there is more expectations than

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