Reflective Essay About Myself

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I have always hated writing about myself, and I always dreaded assignments in school where I had to describe myself. I always wanted to avoid doing these assignments because I did not want to sound narcissistic, or self-absorbed. I dislike people like that now, because I used to be one of those people. It took many lessons learned before I humbled myself; I am still learning to humble myself today with recent experiences I have had. Although I hate to write about myself, I have always liked to reflect on myself. I spend a significant amount of time just thinking about myself as I go throughout my day. I constantly question myself: why am I the way that I am, what could I have done better here, what is my place in the world, etc. In the context of this paper, I have come to a conclusion. In the past, I was a leader. Now, I realized I have failed. Despite what my MBTI test may say, I am a leader no more.
In high school, I was a leader. I distinguished myself in several ways. First, I had amazing grades, graduating in the top ten. Second, I was active in school organizations and extracurricular activities. I did NJROTC, theatre, and had a job at Tractor Supply my senior year. I was applying myself to the utmost. Third, my social circle was large. I had plenty of friends, and a large majority of my school thought my YouTube channel was funny. I had people who looked up to me. It meant so much to me that some of my peers saw me as an inspiration.
I distinguished myself the most

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