College Admissions Essay: A Career In Medicine

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When I turned nine I begged my parents to buy me this fancy stethoscope. It took some convincing, but they were not match for my youthful charm. I would walk around the house and compel my brothers and parents to let me listen to their heart. I would listen intently as if that stethoscope would whisper in my ear and tell what life as a doctor would be like. But playing Doogie Howser and becoming a real-life M.D. are two different things.
My dad is a nuclear medicine technologist and my mom is a registered nurse, so I experienced frequent nudges toward a career in medicine– as if a child could make such an important life decision – but I would still smile and nod then claim medicine was the life for me. Nevertheless, I already knew that it ultimately needed to be my decision if I would choose medicine and decided that I …show more content…

Seeing my parents sacrifice their time and energy for the sake of others’ health sold me on medicine. I want to be that direct and positive impact in someone’s life in a way that only a doctor can. More specifically, I’m invested in becoming a doctor rather than a nurse, for example due to the added responsibility that comes with an M.D. degree. I’m confident with my decisions and know that, with the right education and training, I could be the one to make difficult and effective diagnostic decisions. Moreover, I am motivated to pursue medicine because I see where I can contribute to the overall advancement of medicine and care in the U.S. For instance, one in five adults in the U.S. suffer from a mental illness, with this having been such a huge population, people often disregard how important mental health is. Psychiatry has been a specialist I am considering because of the holistic approach to the health of a patient and I want a direct impact on patient’s in a field that has been

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