My Sociological Imagination: Personal Experience

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Social imagination is the false creation of understanding of their social position and allow an individual to think broader from the everyday routine and construct of societies workings. It promotes a sense of awareness and possibility in an individual “gauge her own fate only by locating herself within her period, that she can know her own chances in life only by becoming aware” (Mills). Sociological imagination allows us to correlate interpersonal interactions with our environment in order to understand the on impact our life experience. with the There is a path followed in response to what and individual experiences that will lead to a certain social outcome. I have grown in two separate communities both somewhat distant from each other …show more content…

Growing up seeing all the things go on in the world and how they somehow never affected my way of life created a sense of immunity in me. I presented a lifestyle of negligence and indifference towards world issues. Where I grew up blinded me from the real social issues going on across the country. I had a limited sociological imagination. My shift of perspective was tunneled by the importance of goals I found necessary to reach. To get good grades and be a stellar athlete k discerned myself from social concerns and centered my thoughts on what was needed to be done to get to the next step of my life. This mindset was enhanced by the people I kept as company who shared the same attitudes. It created an individualistic mindset. However through the different people I experienced along with acknowledgement of my Christian Faith and being apart of a sport team. Showed me that it is more important to help others and focus on “us”, “we”, or “them” more than it is to focus on “me” and “I”. This pushed me to start study medicine which I've become intrigued in by the help of mentors and teachers. I want to become a doctor and help serve and promote the health of

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