Curricular Improvement Theory

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disciplines might bridge differences to enable curricular improvement. For your primary post, select any one theory, conceptualization, or research study and briefly describe it. How might you make a connection between what you selected and how it could be used for curricular improvement? Beth can you make this understandable and remember the question I have to answer is above ( in read) I believe that a good example of how Hollands theory works is with student’s athletes. By having a group of faculty and mentors working together to provide the tools and all the necessary help for these students to succeed while they are traveling is a testament of a proactive curriculum set up. Below is an article posted in FGCU 360 website at that states the success of these student’s athletes. This is the…show more content…
“The continued academic successes speak to the type of student-athletes our coaches recruit and the expectations they create for them in and out of their competitions,” said Brock. “With support from Undergraduate Studies and the Athletics Department, our student-athletes continue to excel in the classroom and set the bar high for future Eagles.” Beth this one is related to the honors programs: Another example of how the curriculum is arrange to meet the needs of the students is the Honors Program In reading about the program I was drawn to the Pillars of Honors page At the bottom of their webpage under “personal Transformation it is clearly stated that “The Honors Program’s curriculum and related activities are designed to offer students increased success, opportunities, and resources, so that they grow and develop throughout their entire university
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