Application Essay: Key Club And National Honor Society

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As an active member in both my school and community I have taken part in many extracurricular activities and received many honors. I find it to be very important to live my life in a way that I am able to reach my fullest potential while giving back to others at the same time. Outside of school I participate in numerous activities. In the year of 2003, I began to take piano lessons. I pursued this and eventually had the opportunity to play in a church band. I still actively take lessons and thoroughly enjoy them. In addition, I have been committed to competitive soccer since the year of 2012. In the same way, I have played for my zoned high school’s soccer team since the year of 2012. Currently, I am participating in both teams and serve as the varsity captain for my high school team. Through this role of leadership I strive to motivate and encourage my fellow teammates to be the best they can be. As a result of being in this position of leadership I have learned responsibility and leadership skills. …show more content…

These clubs have a primary focus on community service. As of right now, I have earned a total of 175+ community service hours. I have knitted sweaters for the homeless, volunteered at camps for inner city kids, and traveled to Panama to build schools and provide medical services for those in need. I have an interest in missions and plan to take part in many more. On top of these activities, I also work part time at a dental office. While I am there I answer phone calls, file papers, check patients in, and clean rooms. From this job I have gained better patience and interpersonal

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