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I have been considering and trying to aim for National Junior Honor Society since I have entered this school. This would be a wonderful experience if I could become a member of the National Junior Honor Society Chapter. Although, I am not involved in a numerous about of clubs or extracurricular activities in school. I am in a couple of organizations, do community work and work related jobs outside of school that demonstrates my skills, such as leadership and providing me experience. I like to make my community a place where people can get along and that it is comfortable for at least most people since not everyone will be like that. I like to be involved in various clubs, activity, etc. It gets me moving up and about on my feet. Also, I can time manage all the clubs that I am in, the activities outside of school, the school itself carefully and very efficient. I believe I should be a member of the National Junior Honor Society Chapter team for various reasons, such as I can demonstrate leadership, have work experience, a "people person" and my involvement for F. Niel Postlethwait Middle School and more. To be more in depth, I consider my leadership skills to be exceptional. I have demonstrated my leadership skills …show more content…

Now, to end everything off with a good impression. I hope you will consider me to be part of National Junior Honor Society with everything I have stated in my paper. This year for me was an experiment with the clubs. I had only joined a couple because I wanted to make sure I was not too overwhelmed, but I was not so I will be considering to join one or two more to make my life a little crazier. I do intend to do more for my community in the near future and gain even more work experience. I truly do think that I have what it takes to be part of the Chapter team for Honor Society with my leadership skills, the work experience I have, and the community work that I do. Thus, with that all in mind please do consider me to be part of the team. Thank

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