Boy Scouts Career Expectations

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Growing up in a lower-middle class home, I have learned to be modest and frugal. I have also learned that nothing comes free and that everything must be earned through determination and hard work. So when I joined the Cub Scouts at age 7, I was determined to excel and achieve the highest rank in scouting, Eagle Scout. Since then, I have been intent on changing things for the better in everything I participated in. Ergo, having a lifetime goal to give back to the Earth, whether it be directly by studying chemistry to help the Earth or indirectly by donating some of my time and money back into the science field to help fund future developments of technology, seems best for the world. Knowing that nothing is guaranteed, my participation in the Boy Scouts has served as a foundation to allow me to expand my knowledge in other fields of study in case my expected career path does not go as planned. …show more content…

As Battalion Commander, I have gained valuable leadership qualities and confidence in leading our core as a team in a disciplined and professional manner; something that was already being implemented while working towards achieving Eagle Scout. My interest in math and science started at a young

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