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Jane Goodall once said, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” For being a member in the National Honor Society, you are required to make choices involving the four pillars representing the activity itself; scholarship, service, leadership, and even character. Like Goodall says, you have the power to make anything happen, but it is your gift to be able to choose what you will produce. If anyone is being honest, it is a privilege to qualify for such an inspirational activity. Being a part of The National Honor Society requires you to encompass scholarship, service and character which I tend to often demonstrate and constantly strive for. In addition, it is my duty to inspire, impress, …show more content…

I have always put my grades before anything else and it is imperative for me to always get my work done before anything. Given the past couple years, I have blossomed into an organized student while maintaining my 3.5 GPA. Despite hardships, I have always made the effort to get into focus, strap my armor on, and complete all my work. For many scholars, getting done what you need is almost a gift to oneself. Once you achieve your goals, you feel rewarded and even fulfilled. I believe that I am always pushing myself to succeed and every active member in NHS should do the same. It is important to take one’s schooling seriously and always push and strive for being the most successful that you can academically be and I will always be one who continues to do …show more content…

In all of my Highschool career, I have developed numerous skills whether it be from being head of groups, able to speak in big crowds, and making sure that everyone understood their positions. Starting eighth grade, I had begun my journey by being a part of the Junior National Honor Society and becoming our classes representative, or as others say “Junior High valedictorian”. At this point in my life, I was able to realize that I demonstrated all the characteristics that a leader needed, and I was viewed to students and teachers as a mentor. After I had been promoted to High School, I was ambitious and challenged myself to be a part of Louder Than A Bomb poetry group. Freshman year was the Louder Than A Bombs first year at our High School which caused that year to be the group's building block. I helped kids speak out loud to me, gave suggestions, and kept them organized. To this day, I am the manager of the club, and I continue to push these artists to new levels while they continue to inspire me at the same

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