Two-Face: Playing The Role Of A Hero

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Heroes and villains have always been both idolized and feared. Many villains take a bad situation that happened to them and end up turning evil; while heroes tend to take bad situations and use them to make themselves stronger. Two-Face, a villain from Batman, started as a hometown hero. When half his face got burned off, his personality changed, he became opposite of what he once was. This theory holds same for everyday people; they can take a bad situation, and choose whether or not it will affect them positively or negatively. Heroes must be tenacious, strong-willed, and be able to perform under pressure and stress. Playing the role of a hero would be a very enjoyable experience for me. Heroes must be able to think fast in chaotic situations. In my work experience I have had to have quick-thinking to make sure explosive situations are resolved with customers. This has prepared me to be able to handle stressful situations, as well as get …show more content…

I have always gone above and beyond in everything I do, for example while taking yearbook in my junior year, I had to step up and assist my partner in understanding the importance of deadlines and obligations to ensure the product we were putting out was complete. I also had to take on a majority of the assignments to help assist in his transition to a heavier workload. In addition, my hard work in the previous year, helped me to because the clubs section editor for the school yearbook. The job requires not only leadership but patience and understanding. As well as yearbook, I wanted to participate activities that would not only give back to the community, but further my journalism knowledge. While volunteering with Hospice, I have been able to make and edit videos of patients’ lives, known as Lifetime Legacies. This has given me more responsibility and helped me to put my all into something I

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