Heroism In The Chrysalids

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“True heroism consists in rising superior to misfortune.” – Napolean Bonaparte. Every fairy tale or story contains a hero and most kids want to grow up to be that knight in shining armor. Many different people and authors portray the idea of heroism in various manners. John Wyndham in “The Chrysalids,” illustrates heroism in a thought-provoking way. Any hero will be responsible, smart and cautious of their enemies, they make decisions and act on a plan, rather than impulse. Consequently, a hero is a leader, an example. Besides having instinctive qualities to protect and guard, they also have incredible leadership traits any person would wish to possess. Finally, all heroes have the ability to resolve and realize that you have to take a life…show more content…
There are many circumstances where Rosalind has to make challenging decisions in order to protect herself and the ones she loves. When Petra sends out an emergency signal, David finds her with a vicious looking animal. The animal slowly starts to advance towards David, but an arrow hits it before it harms him. “Rosalind rode into the glade from my right, her bow still in her hand.” (Wyndham 107). A creature so dangerous would frighten most people, but when David was unable to hurt it, Rosalind stepped in. She did what was necessary, even if it meant killing. Later, on their way to the Fringes, David, Rosalind and Petra encounter an equestrian that recognizes them and attempts to shoot. David shoots the horse, but misses while Rosalind is able to hit his horse. “Again I missed, but Rosalind’s second shot took his horse in the chest.” (Wyndham 139). Rosalind was able to shoot the horse, consequently suggesting that she is more experienced with a bow and was able to harm the horse in order to protect David, Petra and herself. Approximately a day after running away, while Rosalind is keeping watch, a man finds them. Overthrown with panic, Rosalind shoots him. “‘I’ve killed him Michael. He’s quite dead…’ Then she slid off into a panicky, chaotic thought shape.” (Wyndham 128). Taking the life of an animal is not as traumatic as taking the…show more content…
She braces herself for the worst and rises up to any obstacle. Confidence and maturity are part of her character and she understands that during certain circumstances, the undesirable actions are vital. John Wyndham, through “The Chrysalids”, promotes the idea that heroism is found in the most unexpected of people. Heroism is more than strength and courage. It is rising up and above in rough situations, not the urge to exceed others, but to know how to serve and protect them at any cost and speaking up when no one else will. These are signs of heroism, qualities found in the people around us and ourselves. Being a hero is an ability anyone can

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