Right And Wrong In Larry Watson's Montana 1948

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There is always that one person that makes a story so interesting and impossible to get one's eyes off of. The novel, Montana 1948 by Larry Watson was a book that had good, bad and terrible things in it. A family that was well known to the town of Bentrock was involved with multiple incidents that brought negativity to the people. It was a town diversified between Indian and Caucasians. People that were influential to the novel made bad choices, caused and solved problems and also led to serious moments that others couldn’t see meaning and truth behind. Doing what is right vs. wrong often causes struggles within other people. Marie little soldier was David's biggest crush until she was found dead in her bedroom. Marie was an Indian women who lived on the reservation before David met her. She was asked to be housekeeper for David's home and also babysit David. As Marie lived in their home for several days, she became sick and the only strength she had was to speak to the David's family. She couldn’t get out of bed knowing how ill she was.The family believed she was seriously ill so they decided to call over Uncle Frank. Uncle Frank was known to be a war hero, best doctor in town, but most importantly, Wesley's brother. They invited Frank over to examine Marie, but it …show more content…

Doing what was right for the family or wrong within other influential people. Montana 1948 was a novel based upon the way people lived in that time setting. They were able to get away with multiple things, less regulations and learn to deal with certain events that were life changing for others. I felt this story had a powerful message behind what was right vs. Wrong. The town of Bentrock had influential people and was well known. Not only was The Hayden name well known, but deep little secrets within certain people. They payed their consequences, did what was best for the family and choosing the smartest decision to get out of embarrassment.

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