Beowulf: The Traits Of An Epic Hero

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Introduction In this paper, I will involve in exploring one trait of a hero in a nuanced and complex way. I will build this complexity by discussing two heroes who posses this trait, and one who does not. To illustrate, an epic hero is a character in the epic story or poem who is brave and noble. I will involve in exploring three heroes (Beowulf, Odysseus and Merry). Two of these characters (Odysseus and Boewulf) exhibit bravery trait while the other (Merry) does not. Beowulf It is important to note that epic heroes are depicted in stories and poems as people who posses such qualities that are other people lacks. For instance, bravery beyond compare, strength, superhuman intelligence skills and desire for success are some of the traits of epic heroes. In order to understand the importance of Beowulf’s epic acts, it is important to understand the key figures in the poem. Beowulf is a hero of Geats. He displays a bravery trait when he aids to the Danes’ king after Grendel (powerful monster) attacks Hrothgar’s mead. Heroically, Beowulf slays the monster and become the target of his own mother. Further, he made great success in battle and return to their home. …show more content…

Through the anonymous mouth, we know that Gilgamesh is one-third man and two-third god. This is central key to all of his adventures and accomplishments (Wolff, 2009). In other words, this makes him a supernatural hero. Later in his life, Gilgamesh is able to kill the Bull of Heaven that send against him by Ishtar (lovemaking goddess). After the death of friend (Enkidu), Gilgamesh set out in his quest for immortal life. This journey takes him into various leagues of darkness. “At the end five leagues, thick was the darkness and no light, nothing Gilgamesh could see ahead or behind him”. Throughout the story, Gilgamesh is portrayed as bravery and courageous

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