Beowulf Qualities Of A Hero Essay

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The definition of a true hero is very subjective as people have their own opinions on what makes someone a hero. Some people might consider someone who does the right thing a hero, for some it may be people who fight for their country. The characteristics of a hero might vary, but in the epic “Beowulf,” Beowulf is sought out to be the hero because of three main traits; his noble cause, code of honor, and his strength and courage. Each of these traits makes up the hero he is portrayed to be. One of the first qualities described in the epic is the act of a noble cause. Beowulf is introduced after the description of the situation taking place in the Danes as Hrothgar is desperate for help. The introduction states “As this selection opens, a fierce and powerful monster named Grendel invades the mead hall, bringing death and destruction.” Hrothgar, the King of Danes is facing terrifying attacks by Grendel and is out of options to help save his people. Beowulf “quickly commanded a boat fitted out, Proclaiming that’s he’d go to that famous king… Now when help was needed.” The “help” which was needed was by Hrothgar to help defeat Grendel and stop him killing more citizens of his kingdom. Beowulf shows his bravery and his pure reasons …show more content…

This code of honor in Beowulf can be seen in the battle between Beowulf and Grendel. The “powerful monster” was quick to attack unsuspecting men in Herot and wouldn’t stop as “No savage assault quench his lust for evil.” Beowulf, despite having heard of Grendel’s power, still decides to fight Grendel equally, without any weapons. “I have heard, Too, that the monster’s scorn of men/ Is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none. Nor will I.” This shows his confidence in himself, respect, and belief in the code of honor as these lines depict his need to fight the monster on ‘equal terms.’ The code of honor is another way of showing victory but through fair

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