Chi Li Slays The Serpent: World Mythology Rosenberg

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Heroism Paper Angela Steele Atlantic Cape Community College Technical Communication Professor Barbieri December 5, 2015 Heroism Paper Would most people put their lives at risk to save others or even those they had never met? According to Campbell (“The Hero’s Adventure”) a hero is someone who has given his/her life to something bigger than himself or other than himself. Someone who has found, achieve or done something beyond the normal range of achievement or experience. This person possesses courage and has the ability to contain and overcome their fears. They are dedicated and focused on the outcome and achievements of the task at hand. Their efforts are based upon honesty and loyalty which earns them…show more content…
For nine years, the people of Chiang Lo County lived in terror of the monstrous Yung serpent whose appetite was only fulfilled by human flesh. (331) Each year county officials would choose a young maiden to be sacrificed, bind her and take her to the mountainside where they had built a temple near the opening of the serpent’s cave and watched as the serpent fed off of the young maiden. In the tenth year Chi Li was determined to volunteer. Living in a patriarchal society she felt that she had no self-worth and her life was…show more content…
This was an unselfish, heroic act that surpassed the normal expectancy of a female living in that era. By the same token, this decision led her into the journey of the unknown, placing her in an environment that she was not familiar with and unaware whether she would be successful in slaying the serpent or if she would die

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