Examples Of Heroism In The Odyssey

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Melanie Janania
Ms. Petrosino
English 9 CPA
12 January 2023

Has an action ever been done with such determination the action was considered a heroic act? Has a character been brave enough to save people by successfully acting on a heroic act? Heroism can be demonstrated with both “Courage,” a poem produced by Anna Sexton, and “The Odyssey,” a tale told by Homer. “Courage” can be described as being inclusive and considering actions everyone embarked. “The Odyssey” is a tale of an epic hero who faces challenges when faced with eagerness to arrive home. In “Courage” and “The Odyssey,” both authors develop the use of similes, imagery and metaphors to portray heroism and introduce the value of characteristics in heroism. Within “Courage” the use …show more content…

Homer narrated, “And its roots crackled in the fire and hissed / like an axe-head or adze a smith dips into water / When he wants to temper the iron— that’s how his eye/Sizzled and hissed around the olivewood stake./He screamed, and the rock walls rang with his voice” (Homer, 341-345 lines). The quote shows the factor of imagery by describing the setting of what was happening and allowed the reader to picture what was going on. Imagery shows traits of heroism by telling the actions of what Odysseus did to save his crewmates. Precisely requiring bravery and strength which are characteristics of an epic hero. Traits of heroism are portrayed from the use of imagery in the short story “The …show more content…

Anne began by stating, “The child’s first step, as awesome as an earthquake. The first time you rode a bike, wallowing up the sidewalk” (Anne, lines 2-5). The stanza is from the point of view of a toddler. A child’s first steps are significant and life-changing. The reasoning depicts development because of an impactful moment in a parent’s life. Which also shows traits of heroism because development and growth plays a huge role in the field. Odysseus began, “Therefore, you are to tie me up, tight as a splint” (Homer, line 695). This shows how determined Odysseus is. His knowledge had grown and developed from the adventures he has been through. Traits of heroism are portrayed through the use of similes within “Courage” and “The

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