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“If you’re going to do something, then do it right.” This quote is a great representation of my attitude towards my education. With that, I always make sure that I excel in all my classes and join organizations that will benefit me in the long run. Knowing that being a possible member of the National Honor Society will highlight my academics, leadership, character, and service, I believe that NHS will also give me the opportunity to shape myself and continue going in the direction of a successful future. Primarily, my background has pushed me to work well and take on the rigorous challenge of applying for NHS. Living in a small province in the Philippines, it was very difficult for my family to gain an education. Having to leave everything behind, my family decided to move to Guam to provide us the education we needed. Knowing that my family in the Philippines is not as fortunate to get the education pushes me to …show more content…

Not necessarily for college applications, but moreover on the experience that I will gain by being a member. In fact, the opportunities such as giving back to the school and the community will surely hold more value than it would in my college applications. In addition, if I do get accepted, I will surely not be the first to write that I was an NHS member, so would it really make much of a difference? I believe I will be a great contribution for the National Honor Society. Growing up in an unfortunate family, I have learned to take my education seriously and apply for organizations to serve as an inspiration. My interest in working with people who have a similar mindset will assist me in making a difference for the school and the community. With my future as a motivation, applying for NHS will definitely give me the proper knowledge and experience that no other organization will. Alongside those reasons, I will work correctly and try my best in order to become a member of

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