Leadership And Leadership: The Importance Of Leadership

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Something I was repetitively told in elementary school is the importance of being a leader, and everyday I am thankful that I listened to my teachers back then. I can honestly say at the time it was just something drilled into my mind like math or reading but I did not completely understand what it really meant; however, today I can confidently say that I fully understand what it means to posses this quality. Because I demonstrate dependability and integrity in extracurricular roles, industriousness and human compassion while planning events for my current high school, and character through volunteering, I embody the quality that is leadership. To begin, I demonstrate dependablity while in the roles of the National Honors Society Vice President…show more content…
Additionally, I demonstrate integrity in these roles by upholding the moral and principals they stand for. For example, in the National Honors Society we did a service project this fall that consisted of knitting scarfs and hats for the local community members in need at the Hope House, and as Vice President I was in charge of making sure the items were knitting properly and the correct measurements. Some club members, a few being my friends, failed to meet the requirements of the items and were asked to fixed them. I stood behind the principle of integrity and did not let someone get away with not being up to pare just because they were my friend. Furthermore, I demonstrate industriousness while planning events for my current high school. Currently I have been one of two people planning an entire Leadership Day at South Warren High School for local elementary and middle schools to teach kids about being a leader and all the benefits it has, using high school students identified as having leadership qualities as…show more content…
Figuring out groups for high school leadership students so they can be with their friends and people they can work well with is a daunting task. Every student has his or her own schedule and a majority did not fill out the forum to place them into a group; however, I did not randomly place anyone in a group, I searched for each student and personally asked them where they would like to be placed because I would want the same benefit of the doubt if I was a busy student who did not know or have time to fill out a forum. Finally, the character I exemplify is demonstrated through my volunteering. Every Tuesday and Thursday of my fall semester senior year I spent a 30 minute session with a 2nd grade Rich Pond Elementray student who struggled with reading. Throughout these volunteer sessions I had to demonstrate patience and flexibility based on the student I was assisting that day. Some days my student despised reading and had no focus and other days my student could not pronounce over half the words on the page or comprehend their

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