Ssd2 Week 1 Individual Assignment

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From 2011-2014, I led a South Asian Bible Study group in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In our group, we had members from different backgrounds and nationalities such as: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, England, and the US. During that time, we noticed that many Pakistani Christian families, who fled from Pakistan because of persecution and draconian blasphemy laws, were seeking asylum in Thailand. My team members and I invited the Christian refugee families in our Bible study group and tried to assist them, as much as we could, so they can adjust to their new surroundings. The English language skill was one of the barriers for Pakistani Christian refugees, because most of Thai tourism jobs require good communicative English language skills, even for a mediocre job. Nevertheless, more than half of the refugees were uneducated; sadly, they could not read or write a simple sentence in …show more content…

Basically, I learned that it is crucial to take audacious steps when we see people in vulnerable situations. Additionally, it is very important for me to lead others by example, have a positive attitude even amid intense circumstances, work as a team, listen to others’ suggestions, articulate my vision to the team members, and encourage others. In addition, I learned that a leadership role has to be Christ centered and it needs to be a grace driven effort in lieu of self-seeking success. My previous experiences helped me to believe that a community of believers working together with servant-heart mindset can, definitely, transform the vulnerable societies. Therefore, my passion and vision is to work with local leaders in order to tackle illiteracy, child labor, and extreme poverty among out-of-school minority children in developing nations. I think that the minority children desperately require attention and educational from governments, political leaders, and international

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