Statement Of Purpose: High School Breakthrough

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In highschool I was highly committed to a program called "Breakthrough" for my last three years in high school. Breakthrough helps first generation students go to college, starting to work with them in middle school. It's an amazing organization and helps the kids every step of the way, whether it be tutoring for a hard math exam in 8th grade or application help when applying to college in 12th grade. My role was to be a mentor leader during Saturday sessions. From 8am to 4pm, we would lead 12 - 15 students through activities to learn about college, or just work on important skills such as writing, reading and research. I really enjoyed working the kids. Since they were in 7th and 8th grade, it was sometimes hard to remind them how important the work we were doing was, even if it was 9am on a Saturday morning. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed working with the program. …show more content…

I have always wanted to try out being a barista, and the fact that it was student run made it that much more exciting for me to sign up. After a semester of getting the hang of steaming milk and pulling the perfect espresso, the Rose City community nominated me to be a barista convenor. After a long 4 hour consense meeting, I was given the role of Barista convenor. I was so happy and surprised about getting the

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