Personal Narrative: Freshman Connection

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Through the experience of working as youth leader for freshman connection I have grown as a better leader. To help incoming freshman was incredible experience for me. I joined freshman connection to serve school and defiantly to get knowledge and team building skills out of it, so that it can help me make my college experience better. I think I have achieved all the goals that I wanted to through working as youth leader. Additionally, not only that but also to work on community service project on bullying has really allowed me to serve as teacher helper. I liked how I was able to assist student to make poster on bullying. It was fantastic experience to help students in class to come up with ideas on how they can serve through different ways …show more content…

According to me the best part during freshman connection was to help student make a survey for the bullying project. Making a bullying project survey wasn’t the most remarkable part of the survey, but instead seeing freshman connect with other student in taking survey and making other do was one of the most remarkable part of the freshman connection and working as youth leader. As a youth leader, making incoming student know about what they might face in school such as bullying was really significant to me because it allows them to go and ask for help from teachers and counselor regarding this kind of issue. There wasn’t any worst part of the freshman connection other than not being able to stay for last two days because of college visit trip. However, I must say that this volunteer activity as youth leader for freshman connection has provide me with insights that I had anticipated and even more. I have gain so much knowledge and so many skills that i can apply as a leader once i am in college. I can of course be a better leader after doing activity such as freshman connection. I was very thankful to have supervisor like you and other gear up team to be always helpful and supportive if we don 't get something. At the end, I want to say that I do highly recommend to any junior or even sophomore to take place in freshman connection as youth leader and serve back to community where they

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