The Importance Of JROTC Service

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"The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others." This is quoted from Mahatma Gandhi, and is fitting when talking about my experiences in the JROTC service programs I have involved myself in so far this current school year. Not only have I been able to provide a service for Central High School, athletic games, and Veteran's Day programs for children, I have been able to gain more respect from my peers, superiors, and myself. My services for JROTC have all ranged in description, but all fall under color guard events I have volunteered myself part in. These services have included taking part in a team that worked on several color guard events for volleyball games, a competition team where we represented Central High …show more content…

In my first few events, I contributed as the state flag position, As I showed myself and worked harder and harder I came to lead another event as the national flag. Proving myself in these services, I had been requested to be the state flag in the competition team representing Cheyenne Central High School's color guard program. As time progressed, I had done another service for Veteran's Day at an elementary school, commanding as the national flag. All of these services would not have been as possible for me had I not been part of learning lessons in leadership and responsibility. When involved in a team that bases its values on leadership and responsibility, it comes easier to fit in and work your way up to the top when you have a learning background in those topics. Learning about leadership helped me find my way in becoming a stronger leader, which in return helped me in my stance as commander in two teams. Responsibility is something I was taught that has helped in every aspect of life, but has shown phenomenally in my color guard services. As certain lessons have taken a huge part in my actions of service for JROTC, these services have taken a huge part in my developing life and ever-growing mind. Because of these services, I have a wider understanding of how important it is. When you provide a service, it not only leaves immense happiness and confidence in oneself, but also monumental gratitude from others. It is no doubt one of the largest accomplishments people can make. In other ways too there are benefits I have learned about pertaining to the services I have conducted. When completing these services respect is bestowed upon an individual and does gradually build up with the acts of showing oneself in being part of many

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