Importance Of Military Discipline

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Not committing to the task could potentially suggest that they were incompetent or lack the capacity as a military personnel so facing ‘dangers’ was a much preferred option. Additionally, discipline in the military can be seen when an officer makes his salutes appropriately, their conduct, to the state of their uniform and even how they present themselves in public. While discipline in military is rewarded as it is a sign of respect and duty, misconduct on the other hand is punishable. When discipline is lacking in an army personnel, it not only affects their own performance but also the team as a whole. It is therefore important to instil discipline early and effectively. Furthermore, a study made by Amit et al about leadership-shaping experience found that a group of soldiers who had more leadership experiences were perceived to be leaders compared to those who did not . This points to the fact that exercises in self-development and discipline were key to building leadership qualities. Leaders as mentioned before are role-models in society and when those leadership qualities are nurtured, the society as a whole benefits from them. Bruce and Vernakis mentioned that decisiveness especially in high-risk situations were also the result of discipline . Speaking of such situations, this is one of the main difference between military and non-military leadership- being better trained to be calm and composed in stressful, dangerous situations and understanding strategic actions

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