Importance Of Accountability In The Military

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Accountability Is something that is very important and leader and superiors in the Military or in any job for that reason, for the simple fact that it is not only a requirement for you but also very important to your supervisors or chain of command depending on your situation. You can resort to accountability for many reason when it comes to daily productivity as a team or group. Maintaining accountability of anything wether it be equipment or people can be very helpful when it comes to dividing tasks and assignments or just keeping track of everybody or everything you are in charge of. Punctuality is also very important and plays a very big part in accountability, for example, a soldier is late to formation and doesn’t inform his supervisor, this can lead to his supervisor not being able to provide accurate numbers to his/her …show more content…

I’ve realized that not being on time can cause a lot headaches and unnecessary punishments, not because it isn 't deserving but because it is easy to avoid. The standard for the Army for time hacks is ten minutes prior to the set time, this allows squad leaders and team leaders to get an accurate count of everybody and take count of anyone who isn’t there, it also gives the people who are prone to being late to be on “time” according to the actual set time. AR 600-8-6 is the regulation that cover accountability and strength reporting, which is important to the subject at hand because if a squad leader or team leader is missing personnel, it covers how it should be reported. Allthough there is no set regulation for certain things such as time hacks, they are command driven so whatever your command puts out a set time or if you were to miss the set time, it is up to your command on how to handle

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