Accountability In The Marine Corps Essay

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Now also for accountability in the Marine Corps is one of the highest things that are always being hit on. So in other words, being accountable may mean for you to be at a certain place at whatever time was given for you to be there. Next, another reason why accountability is important is because if you don’t keep track of your gear and you’re missing something when the time comes and you need that piece of gear that you were missing then you would be in a lot of trouble. All together being accountable is; well to the Marine Corps being called mission ready. That is why accountability in the Marine Corps is very or in greater words beyond important. Finally in this paragraph there will be an example of both accountability and time management. …show more content…

There are a few reasons why professionalism is important to the corps; for example, you must be always tact, showing initiative, and by knowing yourself and seeking self-improvement. These are few reasons to why professionalism is very important to the Marine Corps. One of the key parts to being professional is being always tactful. That being said times for being tactful or when you are dealing with difficult issues and knowing how to handle them. So the definition of tact is having the skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues. Then by being tact you would have a keen sense on what to do or say to someone else in order to keep a good relation with them. This is why tact is an excellent example of professionalism and how it can be applied. Another example of professionalism is by showing initiative and that is by showing an interest in things especially before others do. By showing initiative you are being a leader and that is a trait common to being very professional. Also, the definition of initiative is having the ability to assess and initiate things independently. Plus, by showing initiative you will be able to handle things and be expected to keep handling things on a higher note. This is why I choose to have initiative is an example and key part to being very

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