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Warrant officers are the leaders of their field and experts in their trade. As such, they must be reliable, technically and tactically proficient, quick learners, and self-motivated, traits I already possess. I believe I have the necessary skills, experience, and leadership abilities to be a great asset to the Army as a Warrant Officer. I have more experience and training than most of my peers considering warrant officer as their next step. I have proven to be a dependable, capable, driven and a proactive non-commissioned officer throughout my career and have always sought out positions of higher responsibility. I am always looking for a challenge and expect to excel each time. I have distinguished myself from my peers by taking on extra responsibilities …show more content…

As an NCO, I have given my best to ensure mission success and train my soldiers. Concurrently, I continue the search for unique and challenging intelligence positions. Becoming a warrant officer will open doors to those new challenges I seek, expands the possibilities of specific training and unique assignment opportunities while still providing the opportunity to train, lead, and mold the next generation of soldiers. During my 11 years as an Intelligence Analyst, I have excelled in positions of greater responsibility and genuinely believe i have more to offer the Army. Throughout my career, I have taken my job seriously and taken pride in my work. My work ethic has elevated me above my peers and is reflected in my records. Over the past five years, my interest in the intelligence field has increased and I 've used that time wisely to improve my analytical proficiency. I paid close attention to senior leadership, learned from them and use them as role models to becoming a warrant officer. Now, I am ready to take this important step in my life and career by becoming a significant asset to the warrant officer

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