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I wish to be considered for an assignment as a Lieutenant within the Fusion Liaison & Intelligence Training Unit, Regional Operations & Intelligence Center. Enlisted members of the Fusion Liaison & Intelligence Training Unit have the fundamental responsibility of providing intelligence support, threat assessments, and crime-pattern analysis to law enforcement agencies. A Lieutenant in this unit must have certain experience and qualities suited to the work product of the unit. I believe my previous work experience in the ROIC, Electronic Surveillance Unit and my current role as the Assistant Unit head of the MAPPS/Special Projects Unit as well as the Risk Assessment Core Group (RACG) Leader has prepared me for the position of Lieutenant …show more content…

Firstly, I was assigned to the ROIC in 2006 where I learned the basics of Intelligence Led Policing and the dissemination of sensitive data. At that time, in the early days of the ROIC, I utilized the SIMMs system to disseminate intelligence data to detectives in the field. Secondly, on the Special Projects side of our unit, we have access to all NJSP databases and are constantly tasked with producing reports from those databases. These reports can cover a range of topics from Use of Force analysis, racial profiling, Misconduct, etc. These types of reports can be considered "intelligence" as it relates to the inner workings of the NJSP and mitigating risk. Myself and all members of the M.A.P.P.S/SPU are fully aware of the importance of information security, given our access to this material. Additionally, with regards to dealing with information security, I have also been the system manager of two distinct and complex data systems. The first being the Voice-box wiretap system. My duties as a member of the Electronic Surveillance Unit consisted of, direct handling of Computer Data Warrants, provisioning of court ordered wiretaps for various NJSP and outside agencies, assisting in the installation of hidden surveillance equipment, and administrating the Voice-box wiretap data system which contained thousands of confidential recordings from hundreds of …show more content…

I applied my skills during my tenure in the Electronic Surveillance Unit with wiretapping surveillance and installation of hidden cameras in the course of criminal investigations. In 2008 I was detached to the Applicant Investigation Unit where I was able to make use of my training I received in CIS school as well as an Interview and Interrogation course. During the course of my background investigation I was able to uncover information that was not included in the applicants application package. As a result of my diligent investigations I was informed that I would be recommended to be a supervisor any future applicant

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