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I am proud to recommend SSG Jacob Worley for consideration as a United States Army Warrant Officer Candidate. SSG Worley possesses the qualities required of a future Army Warrant Officer, specifically those needed to excel in the latest addition to the Warrant Officer Military Career Specialties (MOS), the Cyber Operations Technician, 170A. He has served as my Arabic Language Analyst and NCOIC of Analysis and Production for the 102 Combat Mission Team (CMT) for nearly two years. During this time his technical proficiency, attention to detail and adaptability has been equal and at times, has surpassed the skills of individuals assigned to more technical cyber roles within the team. His has shown a tenacity to not only learn, but master the skills needed to lead a team of diverse cyber professionals in an ever evolving cyber environment. As my NCOIC he developed and implemented the first standard for the utilization Language Analysts assigned to CMTs in support of CENTCOM and USCYBERCOM priorities. In addition, he worked to improve his cyber knowledge by completing over 1000 cyber course hours, to include Network+ and Security+. …show more content…

With the demands and high tempo of standing up the new cyber field, the U.S. Army will not only require technical experts, but strong proven leaders to mentor and guide the next generation of cyber professionals. I firmly believe that SSG Worley has shown that he is more than capable of being such a leader. As a result, I am pleased to recommend SSG Worley for the Warrant Officer Candidate Program and the 170A Cyber Operations

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