Bill Gates Leadership Style

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Introduction Whenever someone argues that college dropouts are incapable of achieving anything in life, bring up Bill Gates’s name. Bill Gates, a Harvard dropout, is one of the richest men in the United States due to the gargantuan success of a business he started with Paul Allen, which is known as Microsoft (Bill Gates, 2017). Nobody can deny that Bill Gates has had a massive impact on the technological world. However, in this essay, we study the leadership qualities that made Bill Gates one of the most successful people in the entire world. Transactional or Transformational Leadership Style Gates was both a transactional and transformational leader. As a transactional leader, he made sure to visit the new products teams and inquire challenging questions to the point that would make him satisfied and ensure that the team are on track and have a clear understanding about the aimed goal (Pamela Spahr, 2014). He is well known for his emphasis on rigid structure, hierarchy and his system of reward and punishment to achieve outcomes. His strict standards of what he wants is what made Microsoft successful and he ensures that his employees do not deviate from these standards (‘’Mindvalley academy blog’’, n.d.). In addition, Gates has a transformational leadership style. He has contributed to Microsoft and made many changes in which he was able to transform the computing industry. Moreover, he has dependably had more technical competence than interpersonal

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