Pros And Cons Of Transformational Leadership

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TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP Transformational Leadership is defined as leadership style focused on effecting revolutionary change in organizations through a commitment to the organization’s vision. (Sullivan & Decker, 2001) Transformational leaders are usually given higher position and are known for their charismatic sense and ability to develop high visions and regards in the work they do. They often give their best performances due to the low morale or self esteem Example: Steve Job, Bill Gates and Ratan Tata. As the existentialist rightly said, we always have a choice, in doing what we already have done or doing that which we have never done. Transformational leaders belong to the latter category. The 4I’s are the usually found factors amongst these leaders which include: Inspirational motivation, Intellectual stimulation, Individualized consideration and last but not the least Idealized influence. (Bass & Avolio, 1994) PROS AND CONS OF TRANSFORAMTIONAL LEADERSHIP Just like two sides of a coin, the theory has its own advantages and disadvantages. Transformational leadership is an inspiration to country. It is very effective and creates a love-work environment. Even Mondays for them bring a smile. It is a naturally developed, self motivated and highly efficient style of leadership. In spite of heavy criticism, these people are respected for their work even in the eyes of critics. These leaders build trust and have great amount of enthusiasm for themselves as well as their

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